Unitex, equipment and training products for knitwear and garments industry accessories, spare parts. Unitex, Ho.Re.Ca.-laundry-detergent-professional solutions, ambience, kitchens, swimming pools ... Fiind us daily between 8-17
Our company established in autumn 1999, with Italian capital, was based on experience in the field of shareholders unquestionable.Entrepreneurs in a prestigious area in Italy, trade machinery for garments and knitwear industry, spare parts, accessories, technical assistance, decided together with the changes in clothing market, to invest in Romania, known as the country's tradition our light industry. Market study focused on potential areas and open to the European market, an important criterion in choosing the area was still serving customers traditional Italian market established in Romania. From this point of view the western part of the country is well represented, not only prestigious companies in the garment and knitwear, qualified personnel in the field but also transit points for goods and people near the western border as an asset 'of undisputed for trading and operational performance. We started working with shops and offices in a house near Arad station, if shareholders were professionals, not the same thing could be said about us. Coming from other business sectors; we learned Italian "on the fly" with language "clothing" with colleagues come to train and send us technical information. In time we came to be fascinated by this sector, to understand its complexity and beauty, all because we had professionals mentors who were passionate about their work. Course was interesting for us - importers and distributors of equipment - and for our customers garments and knitwear factories. The highest level of performance leader in export garment industry has been affected by exchange rate fluctuations, the labor migration abroad, the consideration transferred interest in areas outside Europe. For us, every obstacle has been challenging, with confidence we continued to explore and develop the business based on our enhanced trade relations with suppliers and customers over time, without false modesty, we argue that everything we have achieved is due to perseverance, fairness, professionalism and passion. 2009 tough year economically, paradoxically, happy, forced us to take important decisions ... and we invested in our future! We built a modern office, showroom, offices, workshop. Our confidence, our hope was rewarded and behold, the time confirmed it. Garment industry survive and still proves to be one of the most important sources of income in the economy, one of the leading exporters generous offer jobs in disadvantaged areas, production at the highest level. We are in the 13 th year of existence. We are honored to have in our portfolio companies working for prestigious brands internationally Romanian companies that have created reputation. Thank you all. Only exist together. Work better with!
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